Nano Matrix Lab.

Nano Matrix Lab

Our research is focused on a development of industrial core technologies based on nanoscale properties of organic or inorganic materials. We are also exploiting  efficient strategies for a fabrication of functional nano-devices such as an oxide transistor, a thin film diode, an energy harvester, and an energy storage device through novel processing and synthesis of the materials. Ultimately, our research could be a basis of convergent studies in diverse fields.

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Recent Publications

'Long-term stability in γ-CsPbI3 perovskite via an ultraviolet-curable polymer network' published on Communication Materials

Posted on 19 March 2021  [Link]

Nam-Kwang Cho‡, Hyun-Jae Na‡, Jeeyoung Yoo and Youn Sang Kim*

‡ These authors contributed equally

'Conductive Polymer-Assisted Metal Oxide Hybrid Semiconductors for High-Performance Thin-Film Transistors' published on ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces

Posted on 10 February 2021  [Link]

Eun Goo Lee, Yong Jun Gong, Sung-Eun Lee, Hyun-Jae Na, Changik Im, Heebae Kim, and Youn Sang Kim*

‡ These authors contributed equally

'Electron Density‐Change in Semiconductor by Ion‐Adsorption at Solid–Liquid Interface' published on Advanced Materials

Posted on 04 February 2021  [Link]

Won Hyung Lee, Sun Geun Yoon, Huding Jin, Jeeyoung Yoo, Junghyup Han, Yong Hyun Cho and Youn Sang Kim*

' Precise Turn-On Voltage Control of MIOSM Thin-Film Diodes with Amorphous Indium–Gallium–Zinc Oxide' published on ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces

Posted on 4 January 2021  [Link]

Kyungho Kim, Jun-Woo Park, Donggun Lee, Yong Hyun Cho and Youn Sang Kim*

‡ These authors contributed equally

'Advanced Li Metal Anode by Fluorinated Metathesis on Conjugated Carbon Networks' published on Energy & Enviromental Science

Posted on  17 December 2020  [Link]

Yong Jun Gong‡, Seonmi Pyo‡, Hyunjin Kim, Jinil Cho, Heejun Yun, Heebae Kim, Seokgyu Ryu , Jeeyoung Yoo* and Youn Sang Kim*
‡ These authors contributed equally

'Evaporative electrical energy generation via diffusion-driven ion-electron-coupled transport in semiconducting nanoporous channel' published on Nano Energy

Posted on 20 October 2020  [Link]

Sun Geun Yoon, Huding Jin, Won Hyung Lee, Junghyup Han, Yong Hyun Cho and Youn Sang Kim*

'Rectification Mechanism of a P-type Oxide-based Metal–Insulator–Oxide Semiconductor–Metal Thin-Film Diode' published on ACS Applied Electronic Materials

Posted on 08 December 2020  [Link]

Jun-Woo Park, Donggun Lee, Kyungho Kim, Yong Hyun Cho, and Youn Sang Kim*

'Identification of water-infiltration-induced electrical energy generation by ionovoltaic effect in porous CuO nanowire films' published on Energy & Environmental Science  

Posted on 03 September 2020  [Link]

Huding Jin, Sun Geun Yoon, Won Hyung Lee, Yong Hyun Cho, Junghyup Han, Junwoo Park* and Youn Sang Kim*

'The effect of Surface energy characterized functional group of self-assembled monolayer for enhancing electrical stability of oxide semiconductor thin film transistor' published on Nanotechnology  

Posted on 08 September 2020  [Link]

Sung-Eun Lee, Hyun-Jae Na, Eun Goo Lee, Jintaek Park, Kyungho Kim, Changik Im, Jun-Woo Park, Yong Jun Gong and Youn Sang Kim*

‡ These authors contributed equally

'Oxygen Radical Control via Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment for Highly Stable IGZO Thin-Film Transistors' published on IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices

Posted on 23 June 2020  [Link]

Eun Goo Lee, Jintaek Park, Sung-Eun Lee, Hyun-Jae Na, Nam-Kwang Cho, Changik Im, Yong Hyun Cho, and Youn Sang Kim*

News & Achievements 


Seunghyun Moon received the first prize in poster session at the Korean Society of Semiconductor & Display Technology.

Title : ' 저잡음 AFM을 이용한 MOS 트랜지스터의 초박막 유전체층 진단 및 임계측정' 

Posted on 22 Nov 2018  

Youngjun Yang's article about Team Water's research was reported in magazine ''.

Posted on 10 July 2018     [Download]

Prof. Jeeyoung Yoo was appeared in KBS1 Radio Show '박희준의 성공지도' for a technical adviser.

Posted on 22 Jan 2018     [Link]

Hyunjin Kim's paper is featured online on Joongang Daily Report

Title: 'Copper-embedded reduced graphene oxide fibers for multi-sensors'

Posted on 20 Dec 2017     [Link]

Zhenxing Yin's paper is featured online on Renewable Energy Global Innovations

Title: 'Copper nanowire/multi-walled CNT composites as all-nanowire flexible electrode for fast-charging/discharging lithium-ion battery'


Posted on 28 Nov 2017     [Link]