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13.      Rectification Mechanism of a P-type Oxide-based Metal–Insulator–Oxide Semiconductor–Metal Thin-Film Diode

Jun-Woo Park, Donggun Lee, Kyungho Kim, Yong Hyun Cho, and Youn Sang Kim*


ACS Applied Electronic Materials 2, 12, 3946-3952(2020)

12.      Identification of water-infiltration-induced electrical energy generation by ionovoltaic effect in porous CuO

nanowire films

Huding Jin, Sun Geun Yoon, Won Hyung Lee, Yong Hyun Cho, Junghyup Han, Junwoo Park* and Youn Sang Kim*

에너지 하베스팅 및 신개념 센서

Energy & Environmental Science 13, 3432-3438 (2020)

11.      The effect of Surface energy characterized functional group of self-assembled monolayer for enhancing electrical

stability of oxide semiconductor thin film transistor

Sung-Eun Lee§, Hyun-Jae Na§, Eun Goo Lee, Jintaek Park, Kyungho Kim, Changik Im, Jun-Woo Park, Yong Jun Gong and 

Youn Sang Kim*

§ These authors contributed equally


Nanotechnology 31, 475203 (2020)

10.      Oxygen Radical Control via Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment for Highly Stable IGZO Thin-Film Transistors

Eun Goo Lee, Jintaek Park, Sung-Eun Lee, Hyun-Jae Na, Nam-Kwang Cho, Changik Im, Yong Hyun Cho, and Youn Sang Kim*


IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 67, 8, 3135-3140 (2020)

9.        Nonwoven rGO Fiber-Aramid Separator for High-Speed Charging and Discharging of Li Metal Anode

Yong Jun Gong, Jung woon Heo, Hakji Lee, Hyunjin Kim, Jinil Cho, Seonmi Pyo, Heejun Yun, Heebae Kim, Sang Yoon park*, Jeeyoung Yoo*, and Youn Sang Kim*

에너지 저장 소자 : 배터리

Advanced Energy Materials 10, 2001479 (2020) Featured on the back cover

8.        Highly reliable quinone-based cathodes and cellulose nanofiber separators: toward eco-friendly organic lithium


Gayeong Yoo§, Seonmi Pyo§, Yong Jun Gong, Jinil Cho, Heebae Kim, Youn Sang Kim* & Jeeyoung Yoo*

§ These authors contributed equally

에너지 저장 소자 : 배터리

Cellulose 27, 6707–6717 (2020)

7.        Optical and encapsulation properties of La(OH)3/poly(urethane acrylate) composites

Jung Hyuk Park†, Sung-Doo Baek†, Min Seong Kima, Jinil Cho, Soo-Young Yoon, Sunghee Kim, Suyeon Lee, Youn Sang Kim, and Jae-Min Myoung* 

† These authors contributed equally

소재 합성 및 분석

Materials Chemistry and Physics 252, 123281 (2020)

6.        An in situ formed LiF protective layer on a Li metal anode with solvent-less cross-linking

Hyunjin Kim, Youn Sang Kim and Jeeyoung Yoo*

에너지 저장 소자 : 배터리

Sustainable Energy & Fuels 4, 3282-3287 (2020) Featured on HOT Articles

5.        An organic–inorganic composite separator for preventing shuttle effect in lithium–sulfur batteries

Jinil Cho, Yong-keon Ahn, Yong Jun Gong, Seonmi Pyo, Jeeyoung Yoo* and Youn Sang Kim*

에너지 저장 소자 : 배터리

Sustainable Energy & Fuels 4, 3051-3057 (2020)

4.        Highly transparent phototransistor based on quantum-dots and ZnO bilayers for optical logic gate operation in


Byung Jun Kim‡, Nam-Kwang Cho‡, Sungho Park, Shinyoung Jeong, Dohyeon Jeon, Yebin Kang, Taekyeong Kim, Youn Sang Kim, Il Ki Han and Seong Jun Kang*

 These authors contributed equally


RSC Advances 10, 16404-16414 (2020)

3.        Expanded graphite/copper oxide composite electrodes for cell kinetic balancing of lithium-ion capacitor

Seong-Hun Lee, Gayeong Yoo, Jinil Cho, Seokgyu Ryu, Youn Sang Kim*, and Jeeyoung Yoo*

에너지 저장 소자 : 배터리

Journal of Alloys and Compounds 829, 154566 (2020)

2.        Solventless thermal crosslinked polymer protective layer for high stable lithium metal batteries

Hyunjin Kim, Youn Sang Kim, and Jeeyoung Yoo*

에너지 저장 소자 : 배터리

Sustainable Energy & Fuels 4, 522-527 (2020)

1.        CuxO Nanowires Based Flexible Ionovoltaic Device for Droplet-Flow-Induced Electrical Energy Generation

Huding Jin, Sun Geun Yoon, Won Hyung Lee, Yong Hyun Cho, Junwoo Park*, and Youn Sang Kim*

에너지 하베스팅 및 신개념 센서

ACS Applied Energy Materials 3, 2, 1253-1259 (2020)

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