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5.        Frontier sustainable nanotechnology of South Korea today

           iL Jeon*, Youn Sang Kim*, Sungjoo Lee*


EcoMat 6, 2, e12435 (2024)

4.       Unveiling the Role of Side Chain for Improving Nonvolatile Characteristics of Conjugated Polymers-Based Artificial                 Synapse

           Junho Sung, Sein Chung, Yongchan Jang, Hyoik Jang, Jiyeon Kim, Chan Lee, Donghwa Lee, Dongyeong Jeong, Kilwon Cho, Youn

           Sang Kim, Joonhee Kang*, Wonho Lee*, Eunho Lee*


Advanced Science Early view (2024)

3.        Electrochemical Analysis of Ion Effects on Electrolyte-Gated Synaptic Transistor Characteristics

           Haeyeon Lee, Jinil Cho, Minho Jin, Jae Hak Lee, Chan Lee, Jiyeon Kim, Jiho Lee, Jong Chan Shin, Jeeyoung Yoo, Eungkyu

           Lee*, Youn Sang Kim*

 These authors contributed equally


ACS Nano 18, 7, 5383-5395 (2024)

2.        Interlayer mediated water motion-induced ionovoltaic electricity generation

           Seungyeon Yu, Yong Hyun Cho, Won Hyung Lee, Sun Geun Yoon, Junwoo Park, Junghyup Han, Lianghui Li, Huding Jin, Youn

           Sang Kim*

 These authors contributed equally

에너지 하베스팅 및 신개념 센서

Nano Energy 123, 109345 (2024)

1.        Oxide Semiconductor Heterojunction Transistor with Negative Differential Transconductance for Multivalued Logic               Circuits

Jong Chan Shin, Jae Hak Lee, Minho Jin, Haeyeon Lee, Jiyeon Kim, Jiho Lee, Chan Lee, Wonho You, Hyunkyu Yang, Youn Sang Kim*

 These authors contributed equally


ACS Nano 18, 2, 1543-1554 (2024)

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