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5.        Surface Oxygen Vacancy Inducing Li-Ion-Conducting Percolation Network in Composite Solid Electrolytes for All-                  Solid-State Lithium-Metal Batteries

Heejun Yun, Jinil Cho, Seokgyu Ryu, Seonmi Pyo, Heebae Kim, Jeewon Lee, Byeongyun Min, Yong Hyun Cho, Haram seo, Jeeyoung Yoo*, Youn Sang Kim*

에너지 저장 소자 : 배터리

 These authors contributed equally

Small 2207223 (2023)

4.        Cu2O p-type Thin-Film Transistors with Enhanced Switching Characteristics for CMOS Logic Circuit by Controlling                    Deposition Condition and Annealing in the N2 Atmosphere

Jae Hak Lee, Jiyeon Kim, Minho Jin, Hyun-Jae Na, Haeyeon Lee, Changik Im, Youn Sang Kim*


ACS Applied Electronic Materials Early view (2023)

3.        Ferroelectrically modulated ion dynamics in Li+ electrolyte-gated transistors for neuromorphic computing

Minho Jin, Haeyeon Lee, Jae Hak Lee, Daeyoung Han, Changik Im, Jiyeon Kim, Moongu Jeon, Eungkyu Lee*, Youn Sang Kim*


Applied Physics Reviews 10, 011407 (2023)

1.        Lithiophilic Wetting Agent Inducing Interfacial Fluorination for Long-Lifespan Anode-Free Lithium Metal Batteries

Seonmi Pyo, Seokgyu Ryu, Yong Jun Gong, Jinil Cho, Heejun Yun, Heebae Kim, Jeewon Lee, Byeongyun Min, Youngkyu Choi, Jeeyoung Yoo*, Youn Sang Kim*

에너지 저장 소자 : 배터리

Advanced Energy Materials 13, 2203573 (2023)

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