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10.      Inducement of Azimuthal Molecular Orientation of Pentacene by Imprinted Periodic Groove

            Patterns for Organic Thin Film Transistors

S. J. Jo, C. S. Kim, M. J. Lee, J. B. Kim, S. Y. Ryu, J. H. Noh, K. Ihm, Hong Koo Baik and Youn Sang Kim

Advanced Materials, 20, 1146 (2008)



9.         Orientational Transition of Liquid Crystal Molecules by Photoinduced Transformation Process into

             Recovery-free Silicon Oxide Layer

J. B. Kim, C. J. Choi, B. H. Hwang, M. K. Jo, J. S. Park, S. J. Jo, Daeseung Kang, Youn Sang Kim and Hong Koo Baik

Advanced Materials, 20, 3073 (2008)



8.         The Directional Peeling Effect of Rigiflex Mold with Nanostructure on Liquid Crystal Devices:

             Liquid Crystal Alignment and Its Optical Properties

J. B. Kim, J. R. Lim, J. S. Park, H. J. Ahn, M. J. Lee, S. J. Jo, M. Kim, Daeseung Kang, Youn Sang Kim and Hong Koo Baik

Advanced Functional Materials, 18, 1340 (2008)



7.         Integrated Catalytic Activities of Patterned Multilayer Films Using pH-Induced Electrostatic

             Properties of Enzymes

J. Park, I. Kim, H. Shin, M. J. Lee, Youn Sang Kim, Joona Bang, Frank Caruso, Jinhan Cho

Advanced Materials, 20, 1843 (2008)



6.         Nanoparticle assembly into a patterned template by controlling the surface wettability

M. J. Lee, Jinheung Kim and Youn Sang Kim

Nanotechnology, 19, 355301 (2008)



5.         Nanoscale observation of local bound charges of patterned protein arrays by scanning force


Y. J. Oh, W. Jo, S. Kim, Sungsu Park and Youn Sang Kim

Nanotechnology,19, 365302 (2008)



4.         Surface property controllable multilayered gate dielectric for low voltage organic thin film


S. J. Jo, C. S. Kim, J. B. Kim, J. Kim, J. Lee, M. J. Lee, H. S. Hwang, Hong Koo Baik, and Youn Sang Kim

Applied Physics Letters, 93, 083504 (2008)



3.         Increase in indium diffusion by tetrafluoromethane plasma treatment and its effects on the device

             performance of polymer light-emitting diodes

S. J. Jo, C. S. Kim, J. B. Kim, S. Y. Ryu, J. H. Noh, Hong Koo Baik, Youn Sang Kim, and Se-Jong Lee

Journal of Applied Physics,103, 114502 (2008)



2.         Superporous agarose beads as a solid support for microfluidic immunoassay

Y. Yang, S. W. Nam, N. Y. Lee, Youn Sang Kim, Sungsu Park

Ultramicroscopy,108, 1384 (2008)



1.          Micropatterning of bacteria on two-dimensional lattice protein surface observed by atomic force


Y. J. Oh, W. Jo, J. Lim, Sungsu Park, Youn Sang Kim, Y. Kim

Ultramicroscopy, 108, 1124 (2008)


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