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16.       Effects of annealing temperature of aqueous solution-processed ZnO electron-selective layers on

             inverted polymer solar cells

Yoonseok Ka, Eungkyu Lee, Si Yun Park, Jaewon Seo, Dae-Gyeon Kwon, Hyun Hwi Lee, Yongsup Park, Youn Sang Kim, Changsoon Kim

Organic Electronics, 14, 100-104, (2013)



15.       Fabrication of Multidomain and UltraFast-Switching Liquid Crystal Alignment Layer Using Contact

             Printing with a Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Stamp

Soosang Chae, Haesik Min, Jeong Hun Lee, Byounghar Hwang, WoongMo Sung, Woosoon Jang, YoungBum Yoo, Jinyoung Oh, Jeeho Park, Daeseung Kang, Doseok Kim, Youn Sang Kim and Hong Koo Baik

Advanced Materials, 25, 1408-1414, (2013)



14.       Organic Nonvolatile Resistive Switching Memory Based on Molecularly Entrapped Fullerene

             Derivative within a Diblock Copolymer Nanostructure

Hanju Jo, Jieun Ko, Jung Ah Lim, Hye Jung Chang, Youn Sang Kim

Macromol. Rapid Commun, 34, 355-361, (2013)



13.       The Structural, Optical and Electrical Characterization of High-Performance, Low-Temperature

             and Solution-Processed Alkali Metal-Doped ZnO TFTs

Si Yun Park, Kyongjun Kim, Keon-Hee Lim, Beom joon Kim, Eungkyu Lee, Jeong Ho Cho, and Youn Sang Kim

Journal of Materials Chemistry C,  1, 1383-1391, (2013)



12.       Micro-patterned ZnO Semiconductors for High Performance Thin Film Transistors via Chemical

             Imprinting with PDMS Stamp

Kieun Seong, Kyongjun Kim, Si Yun Park, and Youn Sang Kim

Chemical Communications ,49,2783-2785, (2013)



11.       Air-breathing Flexible Polydimethylsiloxane(PDMS)-based Fuel Cell

Ikwhang Chang, Min Hwan Lee, Ji-Hyun Lee, Youn-Sang Kim, and Suk Won Cha

International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, 14, 501-504, (2013)



10.      All-solution-processed Transparent Thin Film Transistor and Its Application to Liquid Crystals


Kwang-Ho Lee, Sang-Mook Kim, Huisu Jeong, Yusin Pak, Hui Song, Jepongpil Park, Keon-Hee Lim, Jae-Hoon Kim, Youn Sang Kim, Heung Cho Ko, Il Keun Kwon and Gun-Young Jung

Advanced Materials , 25, 3209-3214, (2013)



9.       UV–Visible Spectroscopic Analysis of Electrical Properties in Alkali Metal-Doped Amorphous

             Zinc Tin Oxide Thin-Film Transistors

Keon-Hee Lim, Kyongjun Kim, Seonjo Kim, Si Yun Park, Hyungjun Kim and Youn Sang Kim

Advanced Materials , 25, 2994, (2013)



8.       High-Power Density Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Using Radially Strained Ultrathin Trigonal

             Tellurium Nanowire Assembly

Tae Il Lee, Sangmin Lee, Eungkyu Lee, Sungwoo Sohn, Yean Lee, Sujeong Lee, Geondae Moon, Dohyang Kim, Youn Sang Kim, Jae Min Myoung and Zhong Lin Wang

Advanced Materials25, 2920-3000, (2013)



7.       Fast, exact, and non-destructive diagnoses of contact failures in nano-scale semiconductor

             device using in-line conductive AFM

ChaeHo Shin, Kyongjun Kim, JeongHoi Kim, Wooseok Ko, Yusin Yang, SangKil Lee, ChungSam Jun and Youn Sang Kim

Scientific Reports,  3, Article number: 2088



6.       High efficiency dye-sensitized solar cell with a UV cured polymer gel electrolyte and nano-gel

             electrolyte double layer

Dae Man Han, Kwan-Woo Ko, Chi-Hwan Han and Youn Sang Kim

Journal of Materials Chemistry A,1, 8529-8533, (2013)



5.       Solution processable silica thin film coating on microporous substrate with high tortuosity:

application to a battery separator

Min Kim, Youn Sang Kim, Young-Gi Lee and Jong Hyeok Park

RSC Advances, 3, 16708-16713, (2013)



4.       Water adsorption effects of nitrate ion coordinated Al2O3 dielectric for high performance

             metal-oxide thin-film transistor

Kyongjun Kim, Jee Ho Park , Young Bum Yoo, Si Yun Park, Keon-Hee Lim, Keun Ho Lee, Hong Koo Baik and Youn Sang Kim

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 1, 7166-7174, (2013)



3.       Interface engineering for suppression of flat-band voltage shift in the solution-processed

             ZnO / polymer dielectric thin film transistor

Kyongjun Kim, Eungkyu Lee, Joohee kim, Si Yun Park, Keon-Hee Lim, ChaeHo Shin and Youn Sang Kim

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 1, 7742-7747, (2013)



2.       Alkali Earth Metal Dopants for High Performance and Aqueous-derived ZnO TFTs

Si Yun Park, Kyongjun Kim, Keon-Hee Lim, Eungkyu Lee, Seonjo Kim, Hyungjun Kim and Youn Sang Kim

RSC Advances3, 21339-21342, (2013)



1.       TiO2-poly(\(\(\(4-vinylphenol) nanocomposite dielectrics for organic thin film transistors

Young-Jae Kim, Joohee Kim, Youn Sang Kim, Jin-Kyu Lee

Organic Electronics, 14, 3406, (2013)


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